Bonfiglioli Engineering was founded in 1974, when the first machine to leak test plastic containers was manufactured. The excellent insight surfaced when, in the 70s, the customers began giving much more importance and attention to healthy eating. It started this way, in the food sector, the consolidation of the great experience of Bonfiglioli Engineering in the whole quality sector. Afterwards we were entrusted with the challenge to expand into other markets, testing various plastic containers, from containers of toothpaste to the big bottles for drinking water. 1985 was the year when our company made its break through into the metal containers market mainly referring to products like beans, tomatoes, canned meat and other food products.

Always in the same year Bonfiglioli Engineering penetrated the sector of metal containers under pressure, like for example for the aerosol, entering the world market thanks to leak testing machines under high pressure, which have substituted by then the obsolete manual testing through water tanks. The important breakthrough, at worldwide level, in the pharmaceutical market arrived in 1988, when the company adjusted to all the established international norms, embracing with enthusiasm and competence the new opportunity. The marked course of action undertaken, through the various sectors of the market, stirred Bonfiglioli Engineering to build a relevant and fundamental know-how, in conjunction with the specialized orientation towards innovative technology and the high quality control, which entrusted the possibility to come out with winning solutions in all markets. In the year 2000 the company refined its technicalities and applied an advantageous system for the application of effective and innovative solutions, in transversal methods, from one sector to the other, from the pharmaceutical market to the chemical, from the cosmetic to the metal.

Now, after 35 years of innovation and manufacturing, Bonfiglioli Engineering is inclined towards further new technological and distributive results, always prepared to accept the most interesting challenges. The company is proud of its efficient organization, structured at world levels, with a widespread sales network, technicians and specialized after sales people.


  • Leak Test (test di tenuta) Contenitori, Vials, Fiale Siringhe
  • Visual Inspection (sperlatrice)
  • Head Space Gas Analysis (controllo dei gas dello spazio di testa)